NOIKE: A Memoir of Leon Ginsburg

Written by Suzanne Ginsburg

Noike’s journey begins when the Einsatzgruppen, a Nazi death squad, descends upon his hometown of Maciejow, Poland in 1942, and murders his family and thousands of their neighbors. Noike escapes deep into the Polish forests and assumes the identity of an orphaned Polish Catholic boy. Although Noike wore a cross and attended church, he could never fully hide his past. His only hope was to outlast the war and outwit his enemies.

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His indomitable spirit enabled him to make several split-second decisions that literally saved his life.
— The Economist

That's what makes his story unique—that he was so very young and so very resourceful.
— The Palm Beach Post


Pre-war Maciejow
Face-to-face with SS (Fall)
Capture near Olesk (Fall)
Lives in Displaced Persons Camp
Emigrates to US
Soviet Union occupies E. Poland (Sept)
Germany occupies E. Poland (Jun)
Germany defeated at Stalingrad (Feb)
German surrenders (May)